30-year-old Pinoy killed in Illinois, suspect at large

Skokie, IL — Justice is what the family of Anthony Del Barrio is desperately crying for. 

30-year-old Anthony Del Barrio’s frozen body was found in Morton Grove, a north suburb of Chicago, on January 20th. Reports say that Anthony was with a male friend when he was shot between January 19th and 20th at the corner of Oleander Avenue and Greenwood Street.

“Mom called and told me she was on her way to the Morton Grove Police Station but she didn’t know why. And she asked me if I’ve talked to my brother that day and I said, no. So she went there. Ten minutes later, she calls back and said that he had passed,” said sister Marilyn Del Barrio-Vargas.

“Apparenly, he was found at 9 o’clock in the morning by one of the neighbors in the area. He was in between two houses,” said sister Jocelyn Del Barrio-Vargas. “It seems like his body has been there throughout the night because his body was found frozen.”

Although investigators do not think that the shooting occurred where his body was found, A trail of footprints showed that Del Barrio had been walking around in the area, prior to his death.

“They were able to confirm that it was actually a gunshot wound through the left buttock and out the right thigh.”

It has been almost a month since the incident but Anthony’s sister says — her parents are still in shock and could not believe what happened to their only son.

“She knew when he was going out with his friends that night and he told my Dad that he would be back the next day to watch the football game and he didn’t come so I guess, my parents were suspicious because he would always usually come.”

The family is pleading to the suspect who is still at-large.

“Will just come forward because he not only taken my brother’s life but taken a part of our lives as well. And it will always be engraved in our lives. It’s not just one life; it’s all of our lives.”

“We just need justice for Anthony. He did not deserve for this to happen to him.”

Anyone with information is encouraged to reach out to the Morton Grove Police Department at 847-470-5200.

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