27-year-old Filipino Green Party candidate Kenneth Mejia looks to make election history

LOS ANGELES — 27-year old accountant Kenneth Mejia is out to make history.

Inspired by presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, Mejia, who was born and raised in Southern California, left a six-figure job as an auditor to make a change.

He’s hoping to win a U.S. congressional seat in California’s 34th district, which represents a large section of Los Angeles, covering Historic Filipinotown, Eagle Rock, Koreatown, and Downtown LA.

“I felt they need more people, not just only for the presidency but also people in Congress to pass, and create legislation. So that’s also why I got involved — at 25 — because Isaw someone that cared, and I thought this was a shift in the way Americans’ attitude were towards politics; a more emphatic attitude.”

Mejia’s was raised by his single mother who hails from Pangasinan. He traces his his dad’s roots to Baguio.

Mejia unsuccessfully ran for Congress as a Democrat in 2016, but he eventually switched to the Green Party.

He secured his spot against Jimmy Gomez in the November ballot, by getting some 5500 votes last June — edging out libertarian Angela McArdle’s 3900 votes.

“Shortly after the 2016 election, I saw between Bernie and Hillary, I felt that the Democratic party was trying so hard not to fight for working-class issues. It was evident based on what they were doing against Bernie — he was fighting for singer payer healthcare, which he will most likely be running on less funds, as Gomez has raised over $1.2 million for his campaign.”

With a stance against corporate contributions, Mejia has managed to raise $90,000, from small donor donations.

Election Day is on November 6. The deadline to register to vote is October 22nd.

Mejia knows the odds are stacked against him — while there was no Republican candidate, Democratic incumbent Jimmy Gomez won nearly 80 percent of the votes.

Historically, no Green Party candidate has been elected into major offices, while a few greens have found their way into local governments.

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  • Mario
    21 July 2018 at 9:48 pm - Reply

    This is the moment Republican is waiting for,creation of Democrat-Socialist Party.Two party from the Democrat, young and the old. the young, millennials embraced Socialist agenda, everything is free, free education up to College, free foods,Housing, Healthcare and many more. Who will pay for those Free Benefits, you the TAXPAYER maybe 50% or more in form of taxes. The old, Pelosi,Schmmer Watters, Clinton as long as they are on the top they will blocked the way for young breed of Democrats to move forward. This is an easy victory for Trump come 2020. Then Trump want JOE BIDEN to be his opponent, it is up for Obama if he will support Biden, if you recall Obama dumped Biden in favor for Hillary. Watch HClinton is coming out on TV, Sanders too, and Obama .Who will be Obama candidate, is it Ophra, Eric Holder, Maxine Watters…Who..The millennial had forgotten we have a conservative SCourt for 35 yrs, all Socialist, leftist agenda will lose at the SC. Conservative Republican will be ahead on everything.