22-year-old missing Filipino was last seen at the Golden Gate Bridge

The north parking lot of the Golden Gate Bridge was the last known place 22-year-old Gavin Octaviano was seen.

According to Gavin’s family and security cameras, Gavin left his vehicle and started walking toward the bridge at approximately 5:20 in the afternoon of Friday, November 23rd.

BA spoke with Gavin’s sister, Veena, who speaks highly of him.

She says that her family, gavin’s friends, and their internet followers have been looking for him.

“We made tons of flyers. We’re reaching out. Yesterday, we went to the Sausalito community and we’re walking in the rain passing out flyers to the local mom and pop shops and the restaurants.”

If Gavin is watching, Veena sends this message.

“Gavino, come home. We all miss you so much. I know you’re not hurting us on purpose and if you need time now that’s perfectly fine but come home to us and you will be welcomed with opened arms. Just come back to us. We love you so much.”

Gavin was last seen wearing a heather gray Northface hoodie, black and blue plaid flannel, dark blue jeans, and black and white nikes.

If anyone has information on Gavin’s whereabouts, please contact 415-672-8929, or the San Francisco or Daly City police departments.

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