188 weapons retrieved in successful SF gun buyback program

SAN FRANCISCO — Frustration, pain, and hope was symbolized in the destruction of this weapon that was turned in during the annual United Playaz gun buyback program.

This pistol was one of the reported 188 weapons that was taken off the streets.

Founder of United Playaz and the gun buyback, Rudy Corpuz, calls this day a victory because more lives were saved.

“We don’t want to go to no more funerals. We want to go to graduations. We want to make sure we end senseless gun violence and the way we can play our part is by doing this right here. This is one way.”

Those who turned in handguns received $100, while rifles received $200, no questions asked.

The most interesting item turned in was a munitions shell.

“The police department really encourages the public to encourage these types of events because one gun taken off the street could mean the prevention of one loss of life,” said SFPD Capt. Daryl Fong.

The Robby Poblete foundation echoes the sentiment of the police.

The foundation was created when Fil-Am Robby Poblete was a victim of gun violence in 2014.

“We all know that it takes just one gun to change people’s lives, not just for the families of the victims but for the families of the perpetrators too,” said founder Chris Navalta. “It makes me feel real good that we are making a positive change for the community.”

A future gun buyback program in the North Bay between the Robby Poblete foundation and the United Playaz has been discussed.

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