16-year-old Sacramento Fil-Am prints 3D face shields for medical workers

SACRAMENTO — While most people are trying to find something to do during the mandatory shelter-in-place order amid the coronavirus pandemic, 16-year-old Filipino American Zuriel Joven is working hard to make a difference.

He prints 3D face shields for medical workers at local hospitals in his hometown of Sacramento.

He calls this project “Crafting the Curve.”

His goal: to help flatten the curve or slow the spread of COVID-19 through craftsmanship.

“So probably about a couple weeks ago, my mom sent me an article. And it was about this couple in New York who were 3D printing facials for the hospitals there since they’re the most overrun state in the country right now. And that just got me inspired. So I looked on their website, and they had instructions for how to make theirs as well. So we went to this store to go buy materials. And I realized as I was looking for some of the materials, that I couldn’t find that the design could actually be improved. And so I went home and decided to design my own.”

He pays for most of the cost. But to help pay for expedited shipping of materials, Zuriel set up a GoFundMe account.

He reached $1700 in one day — and at time of this broadcast, the project has received over $5,000 dollars.

But he’s not doing the work on his own.

Zuriel has an eight-man team of fellow teenagers involved in the project.

According to Zuriel, a standard printer will be able to print out the parts in about 2 to 3 hours, and then it will take about 30 minutes to assemble it all together.

“Most of them go straight into my mom’s work to her coworkers. She works in the ICU.”

Zuriel’s Fil-Am parents, Doctor Richard and Chimbee Joven, are grateful for their son’s selfless acts.

“He’s always had the niche, as I mentioned, always and always wanting to help the needy.”

“We’re just really proud and really appreciative of the fact that his heart is where it’s about, helping,” said his mother.

Zuriel said there’s more to expect from his generation, given that they grew up in a high tech world.

“There are people who definitely want to be able to do things they just haven’t found their way.”

Zuriel also has a tutorial video on his website in an effort to inspire other people to help out.

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