16-year-old Ryan Ang is one of New Jersey’s youngest basketball trainers

BAYONNE, NJ — Filipino American Ryan Ang may only be a kid himself, at 16.

But for these young hoopsters, ranging from first graders to high schoolers, he has become their favorite basketball instructor.

Ang, who also plays competitive basketball, said it all started when he was training a friend of his coach.

Ang took that potential to another level, and turned it into a career — today, he is known as one of the youngest basketball trainers in all of New Jersey.

“It’s such a blessing for me to have such abilities, I do wanna give back to our community because some of these players I see they have the potential to grow more, and I want to help them out in a longer journey.”

Ang has been conducting basketball classes and clinics around New Jersey for about a year now.

Some of his students who have big dreams of becoming the next NBA superstar believe that Ang could help them.

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