16-year-old Pinay missing in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS — It’s been 3 weeks since 16-year-old Kaeylie Timbal was reported missing from her Southwest home. Since then, Kaeylie’s parents’, Kyra and Reggie, have been sick with worry for their only child’s well-being.

“The searching is really hard on us. I haven’t been going to work, we barely eat, we barely sleep it just constantly running our mind. It’s our only baby.”

On August 2nd they last saw Kaeylie. She told her parents that she was just going to walk their dog with her grandpa, but that night the dog and her grandpa came home without Kaeylie. It was then when Kyra and Reggie started to worry.

“All we know is there is this boy involved, she’s been seeing him since the beginning of June, and that’s all we got. He might have something to do with her running away.”

Kaeylie’s parents add that the authorities handling Kaeylie’s case are treating it as another stowaway teenager.

That’s an argument that Kaeylie’s parent strongly dispute because Kaeylie is only 16yearsr old. And just like most other states, Nevada recognizes eighteen as the age of majority or the age which state residents are legally considered adults.

The Timbal’s believe that Kaeylie is being manipulated and corrupted. Because for 16 years, they say she was never in trouble.

Kaeylie’s whereabouts are still unknown but parents believe that she is still in Las Vegas.

For information leading that will help the Timbals in locating their daughter, please call 702 828-3111 or the Nevada Child Seekers at 702-458-7009.

A fundraiser has been put up for those who want to help the Timbal family find Kaeylie.

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