16 active wildfires are destroying thousands of homes and businesses in CA

Fast-moving and aggressive wildfires are leaving behind a trail of destruction in California. So far, at least eight people have been killed, and more than 1,000 homes and businesses destroyed.

Thousands of firefighters are now trying to contain 16 active wildfires that have already devastated and affected communities both in northern and southern California.

The biggest wildfire in the state — is the Carr Fire in Redding, which has scorched through more than 110,000 acres in the past week.

As of Tuesday morning, it is only 27 percent contained, and experts said hotter temperatures for the rest of the week will likely make the situation worse.

President Donald Trump has already declared the fire an emergency, authorizing federal funds for disaster relief efforts.

BA has confirmed this morning that Filipino-American Catherine King and her family lost their newly-purchased home to the Carr Fire, among other possessions.

Their house and their cars — including a Maserati — were reduced to ashes.

King and her family were traveling back from Europe when they heard the devastating news. They were offered temporary shelter by a friend from Sonoma.

“So we haven’t yet returned to our home or what was our home in Redding, but received pictures yesterday of the totality of the loss — so we’re not really sure what we’re facing in the next leg of our journey — but it is quite an intense season, yet a hopeful season for our family, that God will do amazing things on our behalf.”

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