132 Filipinos affected by Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean arrive in Manila

Filipinos affected by hurricane Irma in the Caribbean have just arrived in Manila.

The repatriates from the British Virgin islands, Saint Maarten and Anguilla, were assisted by the response team from the Philippine Embassy in Washington DC.

Migrant Affairs Office executive director Raul Dado says there were no Filipino casualties during hurricane Irma, but the Philippine government is dedicated to assist the repatriates.

“We are going to help them with their contracts, make sure that employers honor those contracts,” said Robespierre Bolivar, DFA spokesperson.

The Philippine department of foreign affairs (DFA) says it continues to keep an eye on hurricane Maria, and its impact on the Caribbean islands.

We still have to figure out if they want to be repatriated,” said Bolivar.

The DFA is also monitoring the devastating earthquake in Mexico.

For now, there are no reported Filipino casualties there, but the Philippine Embassy’s building was damaged — the extent of it is still unknown.

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