13 Democrats are now running for U.S. president

The list now grows to 13.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee announced this morning that he is running for president, joining 12 other Democratic candidates hoping to get the party’s nomination.

Inslee’s campaign focus is combating climate change — a departure from the others like Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders whose message centers around health care.

“I think it is exciting to see a diverse field, our most diverse field ever of Democratic candidates vying to be the president of our country. I think Asian Americans and all Americans are curious to hear what their visions are and plans for our country. In terms of reaching out to Asian American community, we implore all campaigns and prospective candidates to reach out to Asian American community and ask for our vote.” 

Eric Salcedo is the national field director for the APIAvote organization.

He said although the general election is more than a year away, they are already paying attention on each candidate’s platform.

So far there are six women in the race. Six are senators.

Sanders has reportedly brought in the most campaign contributions from a large number of personal donors.

But the most popular and sought after personalities are not even in office anymore nor have they announced whether they would enter the race.

Former Vice President Joe Biden who has polled highly among voters has said he is very close to a decision.

Former Texas congressman Beto O’Rourke is reportedly getting ready to announce his decision.

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