12 killed, others injured in Virginia Beach mass shooting, including Filipina’s husband

The nation’s deadliest mass shooting of the year happened last week in Virginia Beach.

Last Friday, 12 people were killed when a veteran public works employee opened fire at a municipal building in Virginia. The shooter was also fatally shot after a standoff with police.

BA has confirmed that one Filipino was injured, and one Filipina lost her husband in the tragedy.

Around 4 pm, Virginia Beach police said that 44-year-old Dewayne Craddock, a 15-year veteran of public works and a civil engineer, armed with a handgun with a silencer, went on rampage inside the Virginia Beach municipal center, killing 12 people and injuring at least 4.

“My first thought was this was probably a nightmare and that I needed to wake up and when I realized that it was real that some of these people, I don’t know, so emotional, I’m sorry.

Among those killed was Christopher Kelly Rapp, an engineer who loved Scottish music.

His friends Alice and Erwin Daniel told BA that his Filipina wife, Bessie Rapp, is beyond shocked and in distraught. They just moved to Virginia Beach from Richmond less than a year ago. The Daniels said the community held the first padasal, or vigil for Chris on Monday night.

BA also learned that a Filipino is among the three injured and still in the hospital.

For now, authorities are not releasing the names of the injured while they continue to investigate into the worst mass shooting in the United States since November 2018.

“Living here over 40 years, unexpected, I was totally shock now it’s hitting our own backyard. This tragedy is such a shock to all of us.”

So far, no information that the gunman, who died after a shootout with police, was targeting anyone specifically, according to authorities.

“We’re looking as deep as we can into work and personal motives, professional motives. Right now we do not have anything glaring,” said police chief Jim Cervera.

Virginia Beach, according to Fil-Am Virginia delegate Kelly Fowler, just completed putting extra security measures in schools.

“But, you know that’s schools. Now we have public city buildings that we have to think about. It’s like we didn’t think about that before. So how do we address the problem, and why did this happen and how can we make sure it doesn’t happen again. I think that’s gonna be our focus.”

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