11-year-old Fil-Am writes song to help feed families in Georgia

CUMMING, GEORGIA — This song written and sang by 11-year-old Filipino American Chloe Adona has helped feed many families in Cumming.

“I noticed that some of my friends and my peers were not able to afford lunch on their own. So I felt like this isn’t good. If other people can’t do this either, if other people that I don’t know can’t afford food then I don’t think it is good or okay.”

Chloe thought she could use the release of her first single “In My Dreams” to help.

In just a few weeks –with the help from family and friends, she was able to raise more than $3,500 for Atlanta community food bank. It was enough to provide 14,000 meals to food-insecure families in the area.

“I always tell her that we are very fortunate that mom and dad still have a job and that you are able to eat 4, 5, 6 times a day, as much as you want. There are people in our backyards that just can’t do that,” said her mother Alfie.

Meals By Grace, a nonprofit group that partners with the food bank, told ABS-CBN News that before the coronavirus pandemic, there were 11,000 food-insecure people in Forsyth County, 9,000 of them children.

The group said the demand during this pandemic has increased to 110%.

“Everything that you would see inside our pantry is gone at the end of the week, and then we have to start over. It is an ongoing struggle to keep enough food to meet the need,” said director Suellen Daniels.

Daniels said donations like these from Chloe go a long way for hundreds of families.

“Food supply is still low. Food banks are running at about 25 to 30 percent of what it is that we need.”

Chloe said she hopes to do more for the community.

“I really feel like this has changed me and this showed me how much one person can do to help so many people in a crisis like this.”

She also hopes her budding success as a young performer will help raise awareness to the cause. Chloe has a recurring role in a comedy central TV series, “Robbie” – which launched its premiere episode this week on Comedy Central.

All episodes of Robbie will be available to watch via Comedy Central’s youtube channel, the Comedy Central app, website, and on-demand.

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