11-year-old Fil-Am competitive swimmer makes record splash

CORONA, CA — When it comes to the waters, competitive swimmer Bethany Garcia is fast.

The 11-year-old from Corona is clocked in as one of the fastest swimmers in her age group.

“I really enjoy swimming and I just love racing and competing against other swimmers,” Garcia shared.

She picked up swimming just four years ago, and her records already compare to current Olympians when they were her age.

“I really didn’t like at first but I just really started to love the sport. It just shows me that hard work pays off because I’ve been working really hard, and in all the 11 or 12 years old on this team, it’s really satisfying to know that hard work is paying off.”

The soft-spoken 6th grader makes it a daily goal to outrace her teammates, while coaches say it’s her discipline on dry land that makes her a champion.

“She’s real dedicated never misses practice pays attention, she’s a good worker. Over time it adds up to high performance but Bethany is on another level. She tries to win the workout everyday.”

With her two siblings also taking up sport, the Garcias wanted Bethany to find an activity that she would love and excel in.

“We put her in swimming basically for health purposes because she’s a little big and chubby when she was little, so I said for health you would do better in swimming for cardio exercises and then she fell in love with the sport,” said her mother.

It’s full speed ahead for the 11-year old swimmer, as the summer swimming season begins in August.


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