100,000 nurses strike over Ebola, staffing shortage

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO – A group of Filipino nurses in South San Francisco are just a small fraction of the expected 100,000 nurses, in more than a dozen US states as well as other countries, which took part in the strike to call for better protection against Ebola.

“We are desperately needing more education,” said Marilu Ramirez, a nurse at Kaiser. “We are needing more of the protective gear to wear. In fact, a clinic nurse has been shown the package and it’s not enough [with] what they have.”

The strike also addresses other operational proposals such as increased training and education, and filling about 2,000 vacant nursing positions.

“We were already short prior to having the increase in Obamacare,” said Ramirez. “Our membership, Kaiser’s membership has increased to 422,000. We were already short then – how much more now?”

According to Kaiser officials, they are ready, and have the credentials to treat Ebola patients.

“Our staff, in appropriate areas, have been receiving over a period of weeks,” said Frank Beirne, San Mateo Kaiser, “training that meets or exceeds all guidelines by the Center for Disease and Control, NIH, the University of Nebraska, and all those protocols and guidelines that we are working under as a healthcare industry.”

Beirne also stated that Kaiser has and will continue to try and work with nurses to come up with a solution.

“We will bargain when, where,” said Beirne, “and as long as it takes to get an approbate and positive outcome for all parties, but that takes two parties as the party to be able to accomplish that task.”

Talks between the nurses union and Kaiser officials are scheduled as early as next week.

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  • Mario
    13 November 2014 at 5:33 pm - Reply

    WH insider said is to black out Ebola news, how did Balitang America published the Ebola strike for nurses. Latest new from NY, Ebola on quarantine/watch list had increased from 180 to 320.Ebola, the nurse killer,each CDC Ebola casket can accommodate 5-10 body. youtube; cdc ebola casket